We began to focus on “people development” as a company in the spring of 2005.

But it was not until 2012 that I started to work on learning opportunities for semi-professional speakers, as well as leaders from any profession, that want to take their messaging and communication skills to the next level.

Why is there a demand for greater proficiency in speaking today?

There are three distinct trends in our society, three “movements” that brought this opportunity to the forefront for leaders from every sector.

  1. We moved from the information age to the experiential age – people want to be in the picture. We went from passive to active:
  • Watch TV… or be on TV!
  • Watch a channel… or create a channel?
  • Watch a game… or be the character in a game?
  1. We moved from “limited access to information” to overwhelming access to information. This movement is so established that people cannot discern and cannot decipher what they need to hear. The biggest complaint about the internet today is not that there is something that cannot be found – but that the “noise” is overwhelming.
  1. We moved from “external guru” to “internal guru.” Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, are a few of the global names in personal development, the gurus.

But this is the old way. Even though today there are many copycats of the giants from the past, trying to establish themselves as the new gurus, our culture has moved on from worshipping one or two towering experts.

Now the posture is – I don’t know or even care who you are, but is your message the one that can help me to achieve X or Y?

Technology supports each of these trends and allows you to tell your story, share your gift, and we now have the access, the reach, to do make a bigger impact, regardless of how long we have been leading or speaking.

Less personality driven, more planning driven, more message driven.