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How are your people developed?

Ask for their goals for their development. Demonstrate you have heard them, by giving opportunities to improve. Assign full responsibility, not just tasks. They already “know” what they need to know. Understand that they now learn to do, by doing. Have them give peer feedback. Have them receive peer feedback. Offer “one on one” feedback […]

In The Room

A decade ago the United States Navy, which employs some of the smartest people in one of the most powerful organizations in the world, replaced instructor-led teaching with computer-based learning in entry-level training courses. I know their motives were good. It seemed to make sense. It saved money after all, didn’t it? And “everyone” is […]


We began to focus on “people development” as a company in the spring of 2005. But it was not until 2012 that I started to work on learning opportunities for semi-professional speakers, as well as leaders from any profession, that want to take their messaging and communication skills to the next level. Why is there […]

Truth ALWAYS stands on its own

One of our core values at MI is Integrity. While we might debate what exactly this means and in which context- family, business, friendships – the fact remains that truth always stands on its own. I was reminded of this recently when I visited the old lead mines of the Yorkshire Dales in the UK. […]

You are not the only one

The single greatest factor of an organization’s success in the organizational health. So it is no surprise that all leaders struggle with creating healthy teams. You are not alone – this is a common issue that is usually all but ignored, taking a back seat to strategy, marketing finance and technology. I recently met with […]