In The Room

A decade ago the United States Navy, which employs some of the smartest people in one of the most powerful organizations in the world, replaced instructor-led teaching with computer-based learning in entry-level training courses.

I know their motives were good. It seemed to make sense. It saved money after all, didn’t it? And “everyone” is moving to computer based learning, aren’t they? Pushing more of the responsibility on the student to learn, often on his or her own time, in a cubicle instead of an expensive meeting room is smarter.

Or is it?

Recent research from the Defense Resources Management Institute revealed the result of this shift: Fewer competent sailors and an estimated $16 million in excess maintenance costs.

Not only that, researchers estimate that when lost productivity and additional required education are factored in, computer-based training could end up costing hundreds of millions of dollars and endangering the fleet’s readiness.

This is simply evidence that the critical piece in personal or professional development is the power of you “in the room.” No computer program, no webinar, no best selling book, can substitute for the “life on life” principle that turns information into application. “Life on life” creates expectation, implementation, motivation.

Good coaches are effective because of this principle. Effective training happens because of this principle. Effective parents know this principle.

In fact, your accomplishments today can be attributed to this principle. I’ll wager that you can look back and remember the teachers, professors, business mentors and friends that were “in the room” and contributed to your success.

Not one computer based training session will come to mind..

I know $16 million is a drop in the bucket to the US Navy. But it isn’t for your organization.

If you want to get better results at any level, let us help you… in the room.

SOURCE: Does computer-based training impact maintenance costs and actions? An empirical analysis of the US Navy’s AN/SQQ-8